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but first learn the facts

1. A No See Um is a biting insect not a stinging insect

2. In Florida they are the most prevalent in late Summer and Fall from dusk until dawn
3. Like mosquitoes, No See Ums lay their eggs in moist, dark areas. Don't leave any buckets or bird baths sitting around with water in them.

4. Don't water your lawn at night, wait until early morning to water when the No See Um activity is on the decline because of the rising Sun. 6:30am till 8:00am is a good watering time. Very important: if all tropical region communities make an effort to do this, we will substantially eliminate billions of no see ums in our neighborhoods and parks.
5. As many as ten thousand No See Ums can emerge and fly out of just one square yard of water every night. Avoid being out from dusk till dawn when possible.
6. A No See Um is only the size of the letter D on the word Dime on a Dime.
7. A No See Um wings beat or flap at one thousand flaps a second, the highest wing speed in the entire animal kingdom which includes all flying insects.
8. The female is the biter that's out looking for a blood meal to help nourish her larvae. The female only makes up half of the daily emerging no see um population.
9. They only live for three or four days.
10. They are important to the local eco system as small fish, dragon flies, bats and many other insects feed on them.
11. Even though they can handle a lot of heat they don't like dry hot air
12. Like a larger flea, a no see um can crawl through loose clothing and thin workout material. 

13. Camp fire smoke doesn't help much. It wont run them off but they will stay a few yards away from it.
14. No See Ums are attracted to dark colors. Wear light clothing when possible.
15. They can easily go through most screens. Use a small mesh screen. Spray your tent and home screens with a good non toxic repellent.
16. They can't fly in winds over five miles per hour but they can definitely be blown into you. Use ceiling fans as much as possible.
17. Outdoor foggers and zappers have some but little effect.
18. Plant lemongrass around your outside sitting areas.
19. Temperatures below 60 degrees will kill them pretty quickly.
20. They can get in your home and ruin a good night sleep. Keep your AC's turned down to 76 or lower. They can't handle cold temperatures.
21. If you are in a area where No See Ums are prevalent wear a good non toxic repellent that you can apply often.
22. If you are bitten, don't scratch. Clean the area with alcohol, apply ice and a good pain relieving cleansing spray.
23. Keep your lights turned off or turned down to a minimum as No See Ums are attracted to bright lights.

*​* Follow up on tip #4 (Watering your lawn at night) Please contact your local HOA's to spread the word on changing watering times to 6:30am or later. 

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